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I'll begin my answer by saying that the world may never know. Growing up, I was never been able to squeeze my passions into a cookie-cutter. But I've learned to embrace this uncertainty and let my interests run wild. I am passionate about writing, creating, philanthropy, leading, music, photography, fashion, hospitality, fitness, the list goes on...

I have loved to travel- experiencing new things and encountering new people in order to tell their stories and capture those moments on film or in memory. More recent international travels have shown me that being abroad is when I feel most alive.

As the Vice President of Recruitment of my chapter at the University of Georgia, I learned to manage a team, handle a budget, conduct various creative and visual projects, etc. as the individual who runs and oversees the entire formal recruitment process. This job stretched me far beyond the horizons I thought myself capable of, strengthening my skills in leadership, communication, time management, problem-solving and more. I consider this role a taste of project management in the most high-stakes and vulnerable environment.

When I joined the team at See.Spark.Go as a Social Media and PR intern, returning as an apprentice in the following semester, I learned more than I would have ever imagined. I managed social accounts, created original content, flexed my design and photography skills, and so much more.

I may not know who I'll be in 5 years and what my career will look like, but I do know that my creativity and drive are skills that cannot be learned or bought. 

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