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Creating a billboard for Project Yellow Light campaign against texting and driving with Adobe Illustrator:

"Project Yellow Light is a scholarship competition designed to bring about change.People know distracted driving is dangerous, but they do it anyway. As an applicant you have one clear mission: create a PSA to encourage your friends to avoid distracted driving, specifically using your phone while driving. Whether it’s sending a text, commenting on a photo, or messaging your friends in your favorite app, it’s never ok to message while driving. Together, we can spread the word and help keep our roads safer."

In order to captivate an audience on a billboard, I utilized important copywriting rules of design such as contrast, clarity, preciseness, etc. to accomplish this goal. I used Adobe Photoshop to create this image and used skills learned about making shapes, text, shadows, and color in this program to create a text message image meant to resemble an iMesssage. After this project, I learned that I should focus even harder on making designs look as realistic as possible and not rush the design process.

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 1.39.58 PM.png
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